Saturday, June 19, 2010

Biker Bracelet

The hooks pivot, to aid opening and closing. The loops keep the hook from sliding off. Use any size wire you like, as long as the hook is sturdy. Works well for multiple strands. How big can you go?


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    said mikestoner 09.09.2007 at 06:38:18 PDT
    Wow! I love this! I have a bunch of Hemitite beads that look great with the shells I cut.....I actually have those exact beads LOL. This is a great design It looks awesome!

  2. The pivot hooks are brilliant!! I definitely want to feature your tutorials on my blog! Pearl

  3. Sherry, I love this design! I'll definitely make it when I finally give wirework a try.

  4. What a great and innovative design. LOVE IT!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Love this, I have to try it. Glad I found this blog.

  6. Love this, I have to try this. Glad I came across this blog!