Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wire Scorpion Tutorial

    Make one scorpion according to the pictures, then make another in reverse and see the difference in the size and shape of the body. 
In other words, instead of the "under side" in the photo being the bottom of the scorpion, make that the top side. All other steps are identical.



  1. Sherry, what a neat, fun design. I can't say I know much about scorpions, I live too far north, but I love the almost herringbone design for the body! Thank you for sharing this with all of us.


  2. You are most absolutely welcome, m'dear! I want to see photos of yours!

  3. These comments were left at Webshots, thanks m'dearies! I'm deleting Webshots, as I'm moving things here to Blogger.

    said jean402
    03.12,2007 at 10:55:22 PDT
    This scorpion is so hot i love it. My mother has one and i would like to know how to make one . There is a dragonfly i would like to make too. The dragofly is made just like the scorpion.

    said sparklenana
    01.11.2007 at 14:32:09 PST

    This is a terrific tutorial. Thank you so much for all of your work. Tamara Wright

  4. Thank you for being so generous to share these tutorials for free, Sherry. The scorpions I did came out beautifully.

  5. Wow Sherri I have been surfing the internet and found this and am in awe that you arent charging for this, ITS AWESOME, Going to give it a try :) thanks Smooches, Pam

  6. Well I'm so glad you found it and like it! Want to see photos of your results, ya know!

  7. Awesome tutorial but I felt there wasn't enough description, and mine didnt come out looking.. as nice. Yours looks amazing though. You should do a video so it's easier to understand whats being done.

  8. Thank you for the tutorial! He was so fun to make! And the directions were incredibly easy to follow. Really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what else I can do

    1. Isn't he fun! I'm so glad to have helped. A few people have used the basics and converted it into totally awesome dragons.
      Have Fun exploring!

  9. Thank u 4 this awesome and unbelievably free pictorial! Its hard to find freebies 4 making the really cool stuff, and u did it in such a way that was easy to follow. It made my day finding this! Thanks again and stay groovy!

  10. Made 10 of these with 22g silver wire. Awesome family loves em. Thank you