Saturday, June 19, 2010


This one is 20g sterling silver wire, approximately 1" long. 
Hammer strategic edges when finished, to harden and flatten. BUT use great care where wires cross! They will break if you hit them excessively.


  1. Love this Feather!!! I still have mine on the bag you made for me!! Wheeeee I'm the first follower!!!!!

  2. hehehe
    You are also the first comment!

  3. I am transferring all comments from Webshots as I delete the albums there -

    said DoeEyes7 09.28.2007 at 04:11:18 PDT
    WOW~~~~~~~~That's Great!!! Show me more, Show me more, Pleeeezze show me more!!!! Thankx

    said WolfCreekCreations 08.16.2007 at 02:04:35 PDT
    Thanks so much. I'm just starting with wire and this tutorial is great. Tammy

    said kookiegrrl 05.25.2007 at 01:59:24 PDT
    tutorials are so hard to come by. i try and modify my own but i doubt id be that creative. i dont dare post my own stuff as im just starting out. i may make my leaves fatter or slimmer! its a great idea.

    said kookiegrrl 05.22.2007 at 15:41:52 PDT
    this is great! i love it! no more buying leaf beads. thanks for this.

  4. Sherry, I am new to all this, blogging, wire making. I want to thank you for this as it is easy for me to follow. I don't know when you put this on but today is Sept.18th, 2011. Thank you again and I hope to get it.

  5. lovely idea ! i can't wait to make my own!!

  6. Thank you for sharing Sherry. I love this feather/leaf/goddess so much. I'm going to try it right away.

    1. You are most welcome!
      It's a really fun little design, adaptable to many gauges, making small and large and even Huge!
      Have Fun!!!!

  7. Love these, will work perfect for the dream catchers I make. Some people cant have feathers in the house. Thank you so much.

  8. Oh yipppeeeeee! That's a great use for them! Have fun!